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Welcome to Sunny San Diego!

Here we are at the end of December.  I haven't really had any time to post anything new and there is a WHOLE lot of new things to talk about since October! We are finally here! Southern Cali! Actually we have been here almost a month now, crazy huh?  We got here just in time for Thanksgiving and we are grateful that Tim's family is only a 40 min ride. It was nice to spend the holidays with some pretty awesome people!

We have been non stop.... with trying to unpack the apartment, finding cool places to see, checking out the local breweries, and soaking up as much sun as we can... there has been no time to blog.  So here is a recap of our trip out and what we have been up to on the West Coast so far. I was going to call this a quick recap... but lets be honest... it a whole lot of stuff!

Driving out - we drove from MA to CA in 4 nights / 5 days with a cat and dog in an Xterra! We left mid November, it had just started to get cold back on the East Coast but luckily for us, we didn't really hit any bad weather on our trip. We took the middle route straight across which was the fastest.

 Since we had a dog and cat along for the trip with us, we really couldn't stop and site see BUT we did get some pretty cool shots along the highway.

So now that you know how we got here... What have we been so busy doing you ask?  

Lake Poway is about a 15 minute drive from our apartment. The park is pet family and pet friendly. Great place to go for a hike, bike ride or just take your dog for walk. If your not into that, you can always go fishing, play some volleyball or have lunch at one of the many picnic tables with bbq fire pits nearby.  Either way the views are beautiful and it's definitely worth the ride in. Free during weekends and holidays! :)

Full lake image: Sourced here   Map drawing: Sourced here

Fletcher Cove Park is located in Solana Beach. The views are beautiful up on the bluffs, the beach is right down below if you want to swim. There are bathrooms on site, and there is a free public parking lot. No dogs are allowed on the beach but you can definitely take your pup around the park and there are tons of cute shops and eateries around town as well.  Check out the Beach Grass Cafe for some lunch, and if you're into jewelry and beads as much as I am... Oskadusa Bead Shop has some really cool pieces!

Talking about beads... in-between all of this I have been back to making jewelry! My etsy site is back up and running - check it out here.  Share with your friends :)

That's it for today.. I still have our trip up to Julian and Nickel Brewery from this past weekend but that will have to wait for tomorrow.  There is so much to do out here.. a lot of it is FREE!!! yea you know no money other than the cost of gas to get there!  Stay tuned for more in 2015.