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Snail Mail Projects...Everyone likes Happy Mail

Snail Mail... Or Happy Mail as some people like to call it! Anything that consists of fun correspondence that comes to your mailbox that is not a bill is always ok in my book! Recently while playing on Facebook I came across this funny little cartoon!

Image source from Google Image Search 

It reminded me that I wanted to send a small note or card letting my family and friends know that I have moved to a new address... Sending this little card can insure that they have the correct place to send me more fun SNAIL Mail!

What started the Snail Mail Project.. We've Moved Cards! 

The art of sending out handwritten letters and cards is a dying thing. Everything is pretty much done via email, text messages, facebook and so on...I remember when I had first set up my AOL email account and how excited I was to get the “Ding You’ve got Mail!”   

Image source from Google Image Search 

How times have changed... 
Instead I watch my mailbox carefully waiting for fun and interesting pieces that might float on in... Usually it's an invitation to a wedding or shower, sometimes it's a cute holiday card or birthday card but fun SNAIL MAIL is now far and few in between all the JUNK. Not only do I sort junk email... I also have to sort hand delivered JUNK mail. 

Handmade envelopes are always a cute way to send mail. Easily done with 12x12 scrapbook paper! There are a few tutorials online showing you how to make your own envelopes but I found the easiest way was to take a 5x7 envelope that I already had, opened flat and trace out the shape on my scrapbook paper, I also made liners for the insides. 

These were sent out last week!

It's almost July and I will be pulling names out of the pile soon for the next round of snail mail! Not sure what it’s going to be yet but I have a long list of ideas.  
Want to start your own snail mail project but not sure what to send?  Here are just a couple of ideas to get you thinking... 

Cards – 
Everyone always sends out Birthday cards and Holiday Cards... What about funny day cards like National Sibling day, or National Candy day?

Here is a link for some Wacky 2015 July Holidays! 

Pictures -
Everyone loves pictures, especially old forgotten ones. Rummage through your photo albums, Facebook and computer. Find a picture of you and that person on a trip, party or just a fun day hanging out.  Print it out, glue it down to some pretty paper and send it on its way.  If you want to go one step further you can always send them a cute frame but that will require more than just a letter. 

Kids Stuff - 
Have nephews, nieces or just small children you want to send to... Stickers, tattoos, coloring pages are always fun.  Better yet if you can draw... Draw something they can color in for you! Then have them send it back as a snail mail piece to you!  :)

Stay tuned for next months Round of SNAIL MAIL with some more ideas for you.  Have your own snail mail project?

I would love to see what you come up with and some of your ideas!