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Stop the Madness...

Sourced: diycandy

I recently found myself pinning more "craft ideas"/ "DIY home decorating" projects into my Pinterest boards!  I need to STOP THE MADNESS! Seriously... how many craft ideas / projects does one really need to have.... and what good are these pins unless you do something with them?  I have decided no more pins until I at least attempt some of the ones I have already in my boards. SOOO what to do... 

~ I started by going through my "craft ideas" board and deleting anything that I have pinned that just doesn't seem so fantastic anymore.  There were a ton of pins that I have no idea what I was even thinking the day I added to my board!

~ Next I made a list of 5 things I absolutely  wanted to try and added them to this "rotating to do list"

Now all I have to do is pick one at a time until they are done, weather or not they come out as amazing as the original pinner is another story!  I have a board already of "Completed Pinterest"  I think I might have to start a "Pinterest FAIL" board as well!   

What is my first item on the list? These handy dandy marbleized mugs done with water and nail polish!  Sounds strange right?  I already have a mug that I picked up for $2 at Walmart, and I also have a ton of nail polish floating around my apartment. I'll take some pics and post the results soon! In the meantime here is the original tutorial I found. :)

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