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DIY Wire Wrapped Agate Slice Tutorial

While i was in Maine I came across this super cute store called Scallops Mineral and Shell Emporium!

They had some awesome shells and stones and this is were I found these pretty agate slices! I decided I was going to make my mom and mother-in-law some new necklaces.

Since I love DIY jewelry I figured I would share this pendant.

Things you need before you start:
• wire cutters
• round nose pliers
• flat nose pliers to help you open and close jump rings
• 22 - 24 gage wire  (the higher the number the thinner the wire)
• jump rings
• agate crystal slice

and if you're making your necklace (other wise you can just hang this on something you already own)
• chain
• lobster clasp or toggle ( not pictured sorry)

First I want to say, this is not really meant for beginners but if this is the first time you are making any kind of DIY jewelry please check out this site for your basics and also a great place to buy online supplies! Click here

The basic techniques you need for this tutorial are:

Opening and Closing Jump rings
Wire Wrapping Tops

There are so many great tutorials on Fusion Beads, I suggest checking them out and playing around with some ideas.
Below is your HOW TO STEPS in making a wire cage for a none drilled agate pendant.

1. Cut 2 long pieces of wire of the same length (about 14-16 inches) depending on how big your pendant is.

2. Making sure you wire pieces are even... twist them together at the center point.

3. Bend the pieces slightly upward and place your pendant in the center. Measure out roughly where you would like your wire to bend on the sides, if the pendant has crevices or is not symmetrical then it makes it easier to wrap around.  shape the wire to fit your piece.

4. Once you have figured out where you want the wire to bend around the pendant.. twist the two pieces together on either side.  Again go back and make sure that the pendant is sitting in as tight as you can and bend the wire so that it fits your agate the way you like it.

5. With the remaining wire at the top of the pendant, tightly pull the ends close and twist each side. 
6. I pulled both of my sides together and twisted all 4 pieces of wire.

7. (here is where you need that wire wrapping technique on how to wire warp a bead.. please refer back to that) Click here
With your needle nose/round pliers wrap the 4 strands up and around creating a loop.

8. Wrap the rest of the wire around the base of the loop.

9. Wrap the wire around a few times then trim off the access. I made mine more like a bead cap but feel free to wrap it how ever you like. Now that you have your pendant wire wrapped with a loop, attach a jump ring, and slide it onto your favorite chain. 

Above: picture of front and back of my pendant, either side can be worn forward.

Have a pendant that's flatter without anything to grip on?

Wrap the bottom as stated in steps 1-5 but instead of pulling both sides together crisscross them as shown in the above far left image.  Then twist the sides together a second time to create a better hold, twist all four pieces at the top as noted in step 6 and follow through.

Here are all three necklaces side by side. Which is your favorite?

Looking for Agate slice pendants but can't make it to Scallops Mineral and Shell Emporium

in Maine? 

Check out your local area bead shops and craft stores. You might be surprised what you have around you that you didn't know existed.

If you still can't find anything local OR you are particular about color and size here are a few places I have purchased agate from online.

You can purchase agate slices with drilled holes at the top or UN-drilled, its all a personal preference.

Agate slice pendant
Geode Agate Slice
Agate slice slab
any of these word combos will pop up with different sites. 

Etsy - Under craft supplies  -  Etsy is also a good place to get an idea how to wire wrap these beauties!
Crystal River Gems

here are few of my favorite online bead supply sites
Ship Wreck Beads
Fusion Beads
Rings N Things

Have any questions? Want to share your favorite store for beads and things? Drop me a line!