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Weekend Maine Adventure

We are coming to the end of August and even though we technically have another month of summer...I feel like time is flying by! We really haven't had much time to take any trips or go anywhere, further than a 50 mile radius of Freetown (if that) this summer, but a few weeks ago we took a trip up to Wells Maine.

My mom owns a house up there and she has been asking us to go visit... so before we move to the west coast, we figured that we should probably go up and check it out.  It was a good time, our weekend consisted of eating, shopping, eating and more shopping :)  In a short time we managed to fit in a trip to Ogunquit,  Wells Beach, Perkins Cove,  and Kennebunkport!

Lots to see and do in one short weekend and lots of fun!  The weather was beautiful, the food was great, and I had a ton of fun shopping!

Here are some fun pics of that weekend in no particular order.


The first night we decided to check The BeachFire Bar and Grill.. We had beer and apps: crab cakes and calamari was pretty good with a variety of beer to choose from. The best part of this place was the outdoor fire pit. Sorry I didn't get any good pics of it. There was a whole crowd of people around it all night, hard to take a good picture with a bunch of strangers. BUT if you go on their site you can see some what I am talking about.

Second night: Dinner and drinks at Federal Jacks!  They brew their own beer onsite so Tim and I decided to try out their flight of beer. They had a few that we both really enjoyed.  I had the lobster roll which was delicious, the atmosphere was great until  3 wedding parties showed up... no joke! 3 different weddings all in one place and everyone was trying to talk over one another. That was about the time we left. Other than that the overall the atmosphere was cool, the outdoor space was beautiful and the food and beer not bad!

PS... bottom row, middle picture: that's what you get when you try to take a picture of me with super high bright flash! the hand! be warned

The weekend was filled with lots shopping! Some places more like window shopping LOL... but I did buy a few things! 

handmade sweater at Atlantic SoftWear at Perkins Cove // a fun new 2015 Calendar ( sorry can't remember the name of the store) // super cute bulldog print by Will Cunha at his shop in Kennebunk // Fudge and Turtles at Harbor Candy Shop in Ogunquit.

One of my favorite stores I found was Abacus! It was all window shopping at this place though! Maybe next time I go back to Maine I can buy something from there.

top row :  Well's Beach // Fun VW Buses on the beach
bottom row: marginal way view - Ogunquit

Our last day in Maine we walked Marginal Way from Oarweed Cove up to the light house, then came back. What a beautiful trail! It's paved, easy to walk, has lots of stopping areas with benches and kid friendly.

If you are out in that area, I suggest checking it out.

Image sourced and more info here

Here are some more snap shots of the walk

While I was out and about shopping I found some if these fun agate slices!

I have a few necklaces at home that I have made from agate. I bought 3 new pieces and I will be making some wire wrapped necklaces and I have decided my next post will be all about making them!

So stay tuned for your very own DIY tutorial on wire wrapped agate slice necklace like the one pictured below.

Here are a few things that you will need before hand, in case you want to make your own.

• Wire cutters
• round nose pliers or regular pliers
• 22 - 24 ga wire
• chain
• jump rings
• lobster clasp or toggle ( not pictured sorry)
• Agate crystal slice

You can buy agate slices at some craft stores, if you have a boutique gem shop or stone shop, online on Etsy or Ebay is a good place to look too!

That's about it! stay tuned for the DIY this week and if you have any questions or comments... they are always welcome