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This Little Blue House - Home Tour

Since we bought this house 3 years ago, there have been so many long and crazy days filled with DIY and RENO.  So to round up the final home renovation posts,  here is my very own House Tour.  It's the perfect timing since this weekend we are doing an actual Open House!

There was a whole lot of work done on the outside to make it look like this! Check out the previous blog post for more details.

Want to see the before and afters of the kitchen? Check out the blog post here.

The bathroom just need a fresh coat of paint and some accessories that matched its vintage look!

And here we go with the DIY projects!

Other than the creepy scary basement, which isn't much to look at, that about covers this little blue house of mine.  Hopefully we will sell it fast and someone else can enjoy it as much as we did.

Till next time!