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Home Reno Recap

It has  been over a month now since I last posted about our crazy home reno! 
Our massive list is slowly starting to dwindle down to finished.

Kitchen is finally complete! updated sink, faucet, counter top, tiles and new paint.  The appliances are still the original but hey they look fine and work fine!  Here are some before and after and way after pix.

We added in re-building the deck bannisters to the list since it desperately needed some updating, not to mention using trellis / lattice for you deck siding is not really considered sturdy. A little power washing, some Rustoleum deck 10x Restore, white paint and some sweaty long hours. The front and side gardens got a little facelift with lots of weeding, some black mulch, and flowers.  You must be thinking geeshh wow you're spending all this money to re do this all to sell?  Well it really wasn't much honestly and the return on fixing and cleaning up before selling is a lot bigger than you think!

Here is the break down in case you were wondering or if you wanted to do some updating of your own!

Lumber and screws for banisters ( total of $75) -  Home depot (HD)

3 new pieces of lattice for deck bottom - $45 (HD)

Black mesh - $6 (ocean state job lot)

Black mulch - 10 bags at $3.33 each  $35

Flowers (Anne and Hope garden center clearance and also Lowes Clearance! )- $25 total

Bird feeders - $10
there you have it a grand total of $196 for a clean updated deck and nicely trimmed gardens areas! 

Here are some snap shots of the steps in progress from left to right top to bottom :

1. Tear down lattice / 2. Paint on deck restore / 3. finished at dusk. Wait 24 hours to walk on/ 4. Build new bannisters / 5. Tear down old bottom lattice and add new / 6. finished with flowers

Final outdoor updates, small as they are it makes a huge difference!

So whats next you say... well the biggest thing that we had left was the flooring upstairs, that was also finished this weekend! Next is just cleaning, touch up paint and staging!  Staging is the fun part, I already started with the living room and the bedroom.  

Hopefully this house will be up and ready for Market next week?!  wow! its crazy and scary at the same time but I am super excited about the future and our move across the usa!

Stay tuned, I have dug up the original pictures from when we first bought the house and will put them together in before and afters.