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Kitchen Reno - Up with the OLD

The past two weekends have been super busy. I had been meaning to post about the Memorial Day weekend project but did not get around to it... so now you have a two in one deal!

Memorial Day Weekend:
Most people are at BBQ's, family gatherings, the beach, camping or just somewhere relaxing.  Tim and I decided that it was a good weekend to update the kitchen tile.  SO with the help of my father--in-law, up with the OLD and down with the NEW.   Friday night was spent with a bottle of wine, some beer and pizza while pulling, ripping, tearing and scraping up the old floors! We did this with the good old crowbar, hammer and sharp floor scrapper. What a nightmare! It was a ton of work and took forever.

Once that was up, all day Saturday, Tim and Butch spent cutting and laying out tiles. Thanks to the guys for doing this part... that did not look like fun!

Sunday rolled around and I have found a new love for grouting. Yes, I know that sounds weird but I actually really did like grouting.  That part of the process didn't take as long as I thought, we finished just after noon, just in time to clean up and head over to my dads for some good old BBQ! :)  So yes, we did get some time to enjoy family on this weekend.

Monday was spent washing the floors, cleaning all the dust off EVERYTHING and moving the items back into the kitchen area. . Wondering where I put "ALL OF THE THINGS".... that was in the kitchen area? ohhhh in the dinning room of course. Where else would you put your refrigerator and stove?

Soooo what is next you say?? well .... This weekend I spent painting!

Saturday started with prepping and painting all the walls in the kitchen.  Valspar - Urban sunrise gray with an accent wall of a blue / green combo I made from two cans of paint!

I had a little helper with me all day.... Leave a bulldog unattended for a minute and she thinks that the painters tape is a chew toy. How can you get made at that face... even with paint on it! :)

Sunday we took a trip to Home Depot, ordered our kitchen counter top, bought a new stainless steal sink and faucet! ohhh and picked up a new faucet for the downstairs bathroom. 1980's called and they wanted their old gold fans back.... so along the way we also grab two new fans for the bedrooms upstairs...

I started to replace some of the light switches and plates with nice crisp white ones. What a difference it makes from the dingy cream/almond/ whatever color those original ones were.

What do you think of my new color choices? :)  I love the way the new kitchen is turning out... and NO that does not make me want to stay in MA now, I have had a few people ask me that already LOL.

That's about it... for now, Kitchen is almost complete. Our new counters should be ready in 2-3 weeks. As soon as we get them in we will be replacing the back splash with nice white subway tiles and putting in then new counters then. That checks off one more thing off the list.... still a few more to go!

What's in store for this weekend? Well since we are in a little bit of a holding pattern, and I think I have had enough paint fumes that my body can handle for a few weeks... we are having a yard sale! It's a great way to clear out some of this stuff we will not be taking ... and a great way to de-clutter my home! You know one of those things I have on my list of things to do in 2014!

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