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East Coast to West Coast ~ Part 2

So it has been a while since Part 1, sorry it's been a tid bit nipple-ly out here and I have been kind of lazy, but here we go Part 2.... better late then never. :)   Days 3 and 4 viewed through instagram. (Kind-a-sorta)

We were thrilled to get a tour of the WB studio! Riding around in a little golf cart, we got to see the back stage areas where they had current outdoor scenes ready for filming.  Along the way we stopped in at the working studio set of Ellen and Two and a Half Men and learned a few inside secrets. (no photos were allowed in studio).  Next stop .... the FRIENDS coffee shop! I used to love that show and never really thought that it looked small, until we walked into this tiny room.... Amazing how small the set actually is. It looks so much bigger on TV, even in the photo above.  Our tour took us up alleyways and down side streets, all of which were awesome and I really wish I can remember all of the movies and TV shows that our tour guide mentioned but I can't, sorry I have a terrible memory.  For all you Shameless fans out there I did take a picture of the Alibi! Love that show!   We ended the tour at the WB museum where the most popular costumes and memorabilia go to live on display.  There was a ton more that we got to see and learn about that day but I would be here all night and I still have one more day to write about on the post and its pushing my bedtime!   Saturday night ended with Tim, Anthony and myself going to watch a movie while Luigi had an event to go to.... A fun low key kind of night to offset the crazy busy day! Plus we had a long ride planned down to San Diego the following morning.

Sunday started with an entertaining breakfast at Hedley's! Walrus bacon face! Which turned into pretending to be Cacti on the walk back to the apartment to hanging out and being goofballs on the roof top deck until it was time to head on our 2.5 hour adventure down to San Diego. Our first night in SD was very relaxing at our cute little hotel in Little Italy called La Pensione Hotel.  We had dinner, a few beers and chilled by the fire place planning the next few days in SD! Yes the pictures above follow this exact order in this run on sentence/free-writing nonsense.  Stay tuned for parts 3 and 4! I promise I will not take another 2 weeks to post these! I am hoping to get you Part 3 tomorrow.