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Snow... Snow and More Snow!

The first week of January came in with a bang! Ok so it's not really a full first week but close enough! I went to work on Thursday and by the time I got home I was ready to kick off my snow boots and sit back with a nice large cup of hot chocolate! It snowed....snowed and snowed some more, all the way into Friday afternoon, so much snow that I didn't go into work on Friday. Luckily for us, my mom and her husband had given us a snow blower for Christmas. All I can say is THANK YOU MOM AND DENIS! 

I thought for sure Friday and into this weekend was going to be a bust, that I was going to be stuck at home all day! I hate being stuck somewhere, even if it's in my own house... I know call me crazy but hey I get stir crazy. 

After a few hours, Tim did finally get the driveway all cleared up at which point I immediately ran to the nearest Dunkin for my daily latte!  Yea yea I know, I didn't physically run to dunks more like drove there... and I had to drive to two differently places because the local Freetown one was closed due to the snow storm. Damn them! I definitely needed coffee to keep me going!

Friday night we ended up meeting with some really good friends, one of which was home from LA, at Cotali Mar for some dinner and drinks.  If you are ever in New Bedford and looking for some good Portuguese food and martinis, I suggest checking this place out.  It was our first time there and we will definitely be going back soon.

Saturday we ventured out and  did a little shopping at the Natick Mall. Nothing to crazy... but it was nice to actually get out and about.  All in all, even with the bitter cold and snow, this weekend turned out really nice, lets hope we don't get many more of these snow storms though! 

OHHH and by the way the official Cali count down starts now! 30 days and counting! Can't wait!

P.s. while out at the mall I did spot this little guy in a store front.... I am a little obsessed with the smooshy faced bulldog!


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