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Goodbye 2013..... HELLO 2014!

It's January 1st 2014!  Like a whirlwind 2013 came and went so quickly. I have been trying to keep up with blogging on events and things that have happened. As you can tell I was a bit of a slacker, but that's OK, I only started this in August anyway.  Here is the the last two months of 2013! November and December were very busy, between a busy work schedule at Brahmin, Thanksgiving, Christmas and NYE, I actually completed a lot of projects!..

November at a glance

On our way home from a work trip I stopped in at Terrain in Westport, CT!  What an amazing store, hopefully they will be adding more closer to me soon.

One of my diy Xmas presents this year was to make this great Spa In A Jar pinterest project!

Find it here

And into December we go.....

Just a few festive images from December... Holiday cookies Yumm!

Trees, lights and those are tiny little snowflakes believe it or not on my car!

These are just a few of Decembers fun projects! Made myself a pair of pretty cool gloves to keep my hand warm at work, Xmas decorations, made two terrariums, one for my dad and one for my mom AND my new tree branch jewelry display.

Here are some snippets from last night NYE party!  Sofie, Allagash and some Elderflower Champagne with lots-o-berries! Amazing food, beer and music with some Great Friends! Couldn't have asked for anything more. 

So now onto 2014! I have created a list of things to keep me motivated throughout the year! One of these things is to keep blogging more! We have a lot of fun things coming up this year. Our February California trip is coming up soon! only 35 more days before we leave to LA and San Diego for 10 whole days! Yay!   That will probably be my first check off this list. We will see though!