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Summer Has Come and Gone...

It's been a while since I have lasted posted something. Summer has come and gone and its getting close to my favorite holiday... HALLOWEEN! I have started so many projects, some of them complete and others not so much. Sometimes I get asked "what on earth do you do every weekend that you're always so busy?!"

Well here you go. This is just a few things that has happened since the last time I posted something, which was a little over a month ago! In no particular order

Went to Westport Rivers Vineyard for the first time, then to Buzzard's Bay Brewery

IMG_6972 IMG_6977

Had a yard sale... didn't do so well, most of it ended up going to Savers since I didn't want it back in my house.  Made some new jewelry,  learned or re-learned how to knit and started some scarves, not finished yet of course. I am hoping to get these done before the cold weather gets here. And when I say cold weather I mean like winter.

IMG_7176 IMG_7166IMG_7234 IMG_7235

Since Halloween is my favorite holiday I started thinking about what I wanted to make this year for a costume. I have a few ideas floating around... Creepy Black bird might be the winner.  We are hosting a part this year so I got those invites done and out of the way quick! Splattered red paint is still all over my artroom. I should probably clean that up soon. I also burned my fingers a bit but I think the end result came out awesome! so a little burnt flesh is OK in my book.

IMG_7225   IMG_7226 IMG_7230 IMG_7232

Scored myself some new colored jeans from LUCKY online both for $40.. Love those 1 day extra sale emails! and also found this cute Gap Jacket for $15 at a consignment shop. :)

OH and I also changed my hair color again! :) Usually every 5-6 weeks something new! I get bored can you tell?

IMG_7247 IMG_7210 IMG_7217

So that's just some of the things I have been up to... I also started and finished a new project but I can't post a preview since its going to be a gift.  What's on the agenda for the next few weeks? MAKE A HALLOWEEN COSTUME! AHHHH finish painting my Kitchen Cabs and paint the door in the Kitchen. I am sure there will be other things that will pop up so stay tuned!