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Change of Season.... Change of Color

I was recently asked "how often do you change your hair style / color ?"  Well I go to my hairdresser every 5-6 weeks and every time I go its something new! It all depends on the season, summertime I tend to go lighter and during the winter months I tend to go darker and add in color.  A week ago I went in and started to lighten up my hair again  with highlights, then this Wednesday I had decided I wanted to add some color as well!  So teal extensions were put in! :) The extension colors do not wash out in case you were wondering. :) At one point I did have Sonia bleach out my hair and add in the red, that was a nightmare to wash my hair. Every time I washed my hair, red dye was everywhere! In the tub, on the shower curtain, all over the towels! LOL I ruined some shirts and pillow cases too...  so now if I can I have her fuse in these small extensions and no more mess!

I have had red, blue and now teal extension in my hair. I have been super light almost blonde to very dark almost black and every shade in between. I love hair color and change it up often. Maybe I should have been a hairdresser instead of a graphic designer who knows.

Here is just a snippet of colors I have gone through... Mind you I apparently forgot to take a picture of when I had cobalt blue hair pieces in but its was in between the red and the teal I have now.




Ps... New post coming up soon with some new jewelry made and possibly a new diy tutorial!