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DIY Wire Wrapped Starfish Necklace

IMG_6833 Here's my first DIY  tutorial on how I make these cute Swarovski Crystal Wire Wrapped Starfish Necklace.

First you will need a few things:

IMG_6796 IMG_6797

  • 12-14 Small Crystals ( I am using 4mm Swarovski crystals in blue and peach)
  • 22 or 24 gage  craft wire. ( 24g is thinner and easier to bend,  I am using 22g)
  • Starfish charm or even a natural starfish if you want
  • Necklace at your desired length
  • Wire Cutters
  • Flat nose pliers

READY?! :)


1.  Cut about 12" of wire to start. Wrap your wire around the top of the starfish a couple of times like so, making sure you have the wire facing to the front of the starfish.

IMG_6802 copy

2. Add on 4 crystals to the wire (if you have multiple colors make sure you plan out which order you would like them to be in).

Once the crystals are on, pull the wire as tight as you can across the middle and to the right of the starfish as shown in the above image.

IMG_6803 copy

3. You are going to be tucking the wire behind the starfish leg.

IMG_6808 copy

4. Tuck the wire behind the starfish leg, then pull it up as tight as you can through the center point between the two middle legs, add on 4 -5 crystals to the wire. Crystal qty  depends on how tight you pulled the wire or if you are using thinner wire you might need more crystals to fill in the gaps.

IMG_6810 copy

5. Once you have your crystals on the wire, pull the wire tight up to the left as seen in image 5, tucking the crystals under the first strand. Wrap the wire behind and around the starfish.

IMG_6811 copy

6.  Add on another 4 to 5 crystals.


7. Pull the wire across the center to the top right side of the starfish as tight as you can. You will be finishing up soon!

IMG_6814 copy

8. Wrap the rest of your wire around the top of your starfish a couple of times to make sure its secured. Trim the excess wire with your wire cutters, with your flat nose pliers make sure you pinch and tuck in the sharp edge of the wire into the wrapping.

IMG_6818 copy

9. This is what your back and front of the starfish should look like.


DONE! All you have to do now is put it on a chain, ribbon, leather strand or even rope.  Wear it as a necklace or hang it in your wind as a sun catcher.  My starfish has a center opening at the top of the charm, you might need to add a ring to your charm to be able to hang it on a chain.

There you have it!

Feel free to ask me any questions.



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